A Legacy of Helping the Disabled

A History of Helping

Richard A. Schwartz practiced law in the Daytona Beach area for over 50 years, helping many generations of disabled individuals throughout central Florida. Ms. Schwartz worked directly under her father for 7 years before his retirement in 2020, and shares his passion for helping those who are injured, debilitated, and cannot work. Richard A. Schwartz remains of counsel to Ms. Schwartz as a resource.

Growing up as the daughter of Richard A. Schwartz, Ms. Schwartz had the opportunity to witness how her father’s assistance positively affected the most deserving individuals in her community. Those lessons have had a profound effect on Ms. Schwartz and she is honored to help those who are the most vulnerable.

*Richard A. Schwartz is not an employee of this law firm.


Let our generational experience help your family for generations.