What We Do

Are you disabled and unable to work? Looking for an SSI lawyer in the Ormond to Orlando area? Let us help you. Some individuals are injured in their respective lines of work, in motor vehicle accidents, have congenital birth defects, or just develop natural diseases over the course of their lives. As a Central Florida disability lawyer, we’ll handle the social security office for you!

We are able to:

  • RFile your initial application
  • RFile your appeals for reconsideration and request for hearing
  • RPrepare your case for hearing
  • RRepresent you at your hearing

What is SSD & SSI?

 Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are both programs requiring a finding of medical disability.  However, both programs have different technical requirements. SSD has a technical requirement of work history requiring the individual to work 5 out of the last 10 years (not necessarily consecutively;) whereas, SSI is based on need and income. SSD is designed to help the most vulnerable category of society: the poor and disabled. SSI amounts vary based on the size of your family and any assets or income that the individual or family may have.


Why hire us?

Obtaining disability benefits can be quite daunting for the average individual. The process is not only complex, but it is designed to almost force the applicant to just give up. Ms. Schwartz is skilled at handling the disability process, and can navigate the process for you.


How can I be found disabled once I apply?

There are five consecutive steps to being found medically disabled for the purpose of obtaining SSD or SSI benefits:

  1. The individual must be unable to work at what is classified as SGA (substantial gainful activity) level.
  2. The individual must have a severe medically determinable impairment.
  3. The individual may meet or equal on of the Social Security listings.
  4. The individual cannot return to his or her past relevant work.
  5. The individual cannot perform any other work in the national economy based on their age, educational background, work history, and severe impairments.